Testimonial Video – Raízen Pulse

projects, tips04/20/2018

Fábio Mota, Raízen’s director of technology and director of Pulse, the company’s new innovation Hub, gave his testimony about the new headquarters and its entire development and deployment process. He tells how was to work with MWLK to create this mw.arq plus “Lock Engenharia” product.

The purpose of this approximately 550 m² project for Raízen Pulse was to create a stimulating yet fully functional environment that would work as a meeting point for startups, executives, investors and universities from Piracicaba region.

As it is a space of coworking, the concept adopted for the space was the flexibility of the environments allowing the realization of several types of event: training rooms with glass partitions to make it possible the fully integration of the space or the division into small training and meeting rooms.

The meeting room next to the cafeteria can also be integrated with the opening of a roll up door, allowing small events and happy hours. The central area, which is the entrance to the floor, focuses the lounge, printing zone and informal meeting booths, making this space the ideal meeting point for coworking.

For the project we have used very contemporary materials that convey a sense of “home”: burnt cement effect, facing brick, slate raised floor, copper and hydraulic encaustic tile, and walls painted as chalk boards.

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