since 1991

specialized in architecture, interior design, and retrofits for corporate, commercial, educational, hospitality and healthcare segments.Through strategic partnerships and consultancies, we offer complete advice on projects, executing strategic planning and managing the complete work of the chosen space until the moving process and its occupation of the new location, providing the client a full experience.

and functional

The office is composed by a capable, committed, proactive and constantly updated on the technological innovations available in the market. Creative, disruptive and mostly functional solutions are tailor made for each project, resulting in a solid, continuous and trustful relationship with each client.
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Our main objective is to identify and conceptualize the real needs of each client, to elaborate highly qualified, efficient and personalized projects with standards of functionality, flexibility, technology and sustainability.
We seek to evaluate the needs and availability of our clients resources, understanding their specific characteristics and particularities, allowing us to develop projects that match their expectations.

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