Action with Instituto Ser +


The mw.arq together with the “Instituto Ser +” and other volunteers, performed on March 03, 2018 through the “Programa de Adoção Afetiva da Secretaria da Educação do Estado de São Paulo” a revitalization work of the “Escola Estadual Dr. Genésio de Almeida Moura” in the “Brasilândia” community.

The intervention contemplated three rooms and some corridors and had as objective, to requalify areas of the school providing greater integration between students and educators. This action was attended by more than 120 people among volunteers, parents and students.

Partners / Donors: Lock Engenharia, Shaw Contract, Interface, Koral Contract, Celsil Decor, Colonial Racing, Colégio Porto Seguro, Artista plástica Eliane Goes, Five Star Pinturas, CD Mantém, Perfect Serviços e Plura Decor.